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  • 3DD series 3d dynamic laser machine
  • Product name:3DD series 3d dynamic laser machine
  • Numbering:3 dd series
    Model:C series, F series
    Vendor:C series, F series

    Introduction to the:Modelfeatures3DD3ddynamiclasermarkingmachinehasthehighestperformanceasalaserhighendproduct.1.Adoptfullymodulardesign:eachmodulehasthecorrespondingindependentrunningspace,andtheconnectionissimpleanddi
Product details

Model features

3DD 3d dynamic laser marking machine has the highest performance as a laser high-end product.

1. Adopt fully modular design: each module has the corresponding independent running space, and the connection is simple and direct, minimizing the electromagnetic interference and heat drying

The disturbance ensures the stability of the system long work.

2. Three-axis dynamic focusing system to meet the requirements of large scale precision marking.

3. 3d stereoscopic engraving to meet the one-time marking requirements of the customer's opposite sex products and greatly improve working efficiency.

4. Large area, maximum scale of 1500 x 1500mm range.

5. Light spot, strong power and 35% improvement.

6. Compact structure, easy operation (arbitrary adjustment of processing range).

7. Red light preview.

8. Continuous work.

Technical parameters

Type no. : C series, F series

Laser wavelength: 10.6 um, 1060nm

Laser power: 20W ~ 400W

Laser repetition frequency: 1.2 KHz - -500khz

Maximum range: 1500mm x 1500mm