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  • SMF series optical fiber laser marking machine
  • Product name:SMF series optical fiber laser marking machine
  • Numbering:SMF series
    Model:SMF series 2 Model
    Vendor:SMF series 2 Model

    Introduction to the:ModelfeaturesTheopticalfiberlaserisusedtooutputlaser,theconversionrateishigh,thevolumeissmall,thebeamqualityisgood.Thefiberlaserhasalifespanofmorethan100,000hours,andithasalifeexpectancyofmorethan12ye
Product details

Model features

The optical fiber laser is used to output laser, the conversion rate is high, the volume is small, the beam quality is good. The fiber laser has a life span of more than 100,000 hours, and it has a life expectancy of more than 12 years, with a life expectancy of more than 12 years.

Optical fiber laser marking machine is small in size (size) normal computer host only, electricity power < 500 w, air-cooled cooling ways, with built-in abandoned heavy problem of water chilling unit, can even use 24 v battery power supply, truly the energy-saving and portable.

Optical fiber laser marking machine speckle pattern is very good, single line more fine, suitable for ultra-fine processing, 10 w fiber basically covers 50 w semiconductor processing range, combined with high system integration, low malfunction, really suitable for application in the field of industrial processes. With the high precision bitmap software developed by our company, we can produce excellent photos.

The z-axis can be used for electric lifting, can control the lifting height accurately, and can be customized with a speed reducer and z-axis height. (standard model for manual lifting, optional for electric lifting)

Applicable materials and industry applications

Optical fiber laser marking machine applies Yu Jinyin diamonds, sanitary ware, food packaging, tobacco, marking, marking, beer drinks marking, pharmaceutical packaging, medical equipment, glasses watches and clocks, auto parts, plastic material, electronic hardware used in depth, smoothness and high precision requirements.

Technical parameters

Laser power: 10W / 20W / 30W

Laser wavelength: 1060nm

Beam quality: < 1.2

Laser repeat frequency: 20KHz - - 200KHz

Standard range: 110mm x 110mm

Scope of selection: 70mm x 70mm / 160mm x 160mm / 300mm x 300mm

Marking speed: less than 15000mm/s

Engraving depth: less than or equal to 1.5mm

Minimum line width: 0.012 mm

Minimum character: 0.15mm

Repeat precision: + 0.003 mm

Whole machine power consumption: 0.5 KW