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  • TCC series cable special jet
  • Product name:TCC series cable special jet
  • Numbering:TCC series
    Model:TCC series F
    Vendor:TCC series F

    Introduction to the:ModelfeaturesTheTCClaserjetisthehigh-endproductoflaser,whichhasthehighestperformance.Itcangreatlysavethecostofpowerconsumptionandconsumablesinthelatermaintenance1.Adoptedthemodulardesign,eachmodulehas
Product details

Model features

The TCC laser jet is the high-end product of laser, which has the highest performance. It can greatly save the cost of power consumption and consumables in the later maintenance

1. Adopted the modular design, each module has its independent operation space, mutual connection is simple, direct, minimize electromagnetic interference and thermal interference, can guarantee the stability of the system to work long hours.

2. Fiber optic transmission: the mode is stable, the effect is fine, and it is protected from outside environment

3.. Install on the assembly line, marking fine, high performance, can work for a long time.

4. The standard spacing standard for products is 250mm and 1000mm, and the spacing can be customized.

5. The product is highly adjustable and can be adapted to various assembly lines.

6. The products can be marked with various rubber tubing pipes, cables and other products, and the marking contents can set the text, date, batch number, serial number, qr code, etc., as well as customize various functions according to customer's requirements.

7. Product support communication function, can connect database.

8. This product is suitable for cable and tube industries such as nylon, ABS, PVC, PES, PE, low smoke free halogen, polyether ether ketone and other materials.

9. The maximum line speed is 2,800 meters/min

10. The accuracy of the sprinkler code is 1m plus or minus 2mm.

Note: the automatic production can be realized by synchronous communication with the pan.

Technical parameters

Type no. : C series, F series, S series

Laser wavelength: 10.64 mu m, 1064nm, 532nm / 355nm

Laser power: 10W / 20W / 30W / 50W

Laser repetition frequency: 1.2 khz-500khz

Standard size: TCC

Maximum assembly speed: 2800m/min

Character types: Chinese, English characters, numeric symbols