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  • Paging machine
  • Product name:Paging machine
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    Introduction to the:ProductfeaturesUsedtoseparateintofoldingbagsorcardtypeautomatic,conveyorbelt,intoasinglepagetospurtthecodemachineorlasermachinecarvedintothesprayandsprayprintingproductiondate,batchnumber,anti-counter
Product details

Product features

Used to separate into folding bags or card type automatic, conveyor belt, into a single page to spurt the code machine or laser machine carved into the spray and spray printing production date, batch number, anti-counterfeiting mark, design, etc., so as to reduce the cumbersome manual page, give full play to the advantages of spurt the code machine, laser machine, high-speed jet printing, enhances the working efficiency of the spray printing, counting and equipped with intelligent automatic stop function, convenient for production management