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Method of common problem of laser marking machine

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Failure 1: laser strength drop, mark not clear enough


Whether the laser cavity changes; Fine tuning resonator lens. Best to make the output light spot;

The output energy of the sound optical crystal offset or the optical power supply is low; Adjust the position of the sound optical crystal or increase the working current of the sound power supply;

The laser deviation center of the vibrating mirror: adjust the laser;

If the current is adjusted to about 20A, the light is still not enough: krypton is ageing and new lamps are replaced.

Failure 2: krypton lamp cannot be triggered


Check all power connections;

The krypton lamp is old and the krypton lamp is replaced.

Operation laser marking machine precautions

It is forbidden to activate laser power and Q power supply without water or water circulation.

Do not allow the power supply of Q power (i.e.

In the case of abnormal phenomenon, first turn off the vibrating mirror switch and key switch, and then check again;

No other components are allowed to be started before the krypton lamp is lit, in case of high pressure to tamper with the damaged components;

Pay attention to the laser power output terminal (anode) to prevent fire and breakdown with other electrical appliances;

Keep the inner water clean. Clean the water tank regularly and clean off the water or water.

The use and replacement of krypton lamp

Shut off the water cooler and the laser power.

Open the upper three lumen cover, remove the lamp or crystal to be replaced, put it in, and install the cap.

Turn the laser power on the water cooler, and transfer the laser power current to (15 ~ 20) A. A small piece of wood or black paper should be placed between the front diaphragm and the ream mirror and should see the light spot of the laser ablation. If not, adjust the three knobs of the front diaphragm until the spot appears.

After the laser debugging, the three knobs of the front diaphragm should be adjusted repeatedly to make the light spot the strongest, such as the laser overpower, the brightness too high to observe, can reduce the power supply current.

Turn off the laser power.

Special note: the time to replace krypton lamp.

The krypton lamp in the laser shows that the lifetime of the krypton lamp is 300 hours, but the above time is not the only basis for replacing the krypton lamp due to different user conditions. With the increase of using time, krypton lamp luminous efficiency decline, laser output also weakens, many users in order to obtain sufficient laser output, increases the laser power supply current krypton lamp glow, enhance the krypton lamp aging is accelerated, a vicious cycle, sometimes leads to fry light phenomenon. To prevent this from happening, we recommend that users click on the following method to decide whether to replace the krypton lamp.

When a new krypton lamp is replaced, the numerical value of the laser power current meter is recorded as the standard current value.

While the krypton lamp is ageing and the output of the laser power current is increased, the current meter should not exceed 1.25 times the standard current value.

For example, if the current value of the new krypton lamp is 20A, after A period of time, if the current value is adjusted to 22.5 A, then the standard should be replaced, then the krypton lamp should be replaced.