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A brief analysis on how to deal with the instability of jet printing machine

Release time:2017年08月22日    Keyword:    Release people:佚名

In the daily operation, there will be a laser spraying machine, and how to deal with this phenomenon?

Phenomenon: the power indicator of the laser printer is not bright, the common fuse is broken, the incoming line is in bad contact, the indicator light is bad or the indicator light is broken.

Check 1: check the fuse, check the power line and check the indicator circuit.

Method 1: replace the fuse, repair the wire and replace the indicator light. Continuous burning fuse can be found in the machine short circuit, and inside the machine have serious dirt.

Check 2: step by step, there is short circuit for high pressure part.

Method 2: repair short circuit and remove dirt. Dust, water or air humidity are too large and corrosive gases in the machine.

Check 3: observe the discharge point in the dark.

Method 3: remove dust, water and other things and change the working environment.